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Our Last Contact In Red Square...

"Plastic Letters"
8 August 1988
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Hmm...Well, I never really know what to write in this. So...I don't know, maybe with time I'll "Mix It Up" a bit or something.
Exciting huh?!?!?!

Debbie Harry :
"We had established ourselves as doing punk-pop with touches of salsa, merengue, mustard [laughs], whatever, and they got along with that. Then when we got to the third record, Parallel Lines [1978], they rejected it."

(I'm Always Touched By Your Precense Dear)

Duran Duran is Love

You are Punkie Debbie !!!

Which Debbie Harry Are You?
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In Love. In Lust. And a wee bit paranoid. You
are Plastic Letters.

Which Blondie Album Best Suits You?
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Courvid is love.


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