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 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]

OMG i feal like i have abandoned lj. lol
Well i miss you all thats for sure...Min, Twin, Katie, Susan, Libby..all of you.

so i hope you are all doing good. i am.
Tomorrow i have to sing for the first time in public! Oh Dios Santo que horrible!!! jajaja
Anywho...yeha. Im doing pretty good in school. so yay! I got some college infos tody and i got excited wohoo!

So yeah....Min that movie with lday bunny is calling out to me lol dont know why. I blame you! :P
And has anyone seen my Twin!?! There is a reward! :(
Feeling: contemplativecontemplative
Hearing: misstake - horrorpops

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]
I rememberedyou lol

Well i was reading the newspaper today and then i suddnely spotted the name RUPAUL. Which made me think of Min immidiatly. Anywho...Well he/she is gonna give a concert here Sept. 3 and he's gonna have help from  a fashion designer here called Verona who is also a travesti...umm and other fellow drags Jessica Wild, Luis MAdonna and Varla Shanty. lol

So yeah....that made me go "Aww Mini Deb!" lol

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]
So./.....after 2 HORRIBLE days with internet im back, bigger and better! jaja :P yeah i got Issy's marvelous magazine and note......That totally made my day.
Um........i got my school scedule, books, uniform, everything. And umm.......i already read my summer rading (Spanish) Now i have to read pride and prejudice........hope its good.

So anywyas..............I don't wanna go to school lol. Thassssssallllllllllll.
This entry was pointless.
Feeling: blankblank
Hearing: all that i got - the used

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]
So i finished work........Finally! I don't have to get up early. So thatt makes me happy.
But im kinda down cause of the whole impedigo leg knee is all swollen up. Also next week i have to go to school to pay my fees and buy my books and ohter shit.

9 days for my birthday and i feel its gonna suck BIG TIME. Like i don't have much high hopes or that same day is my first school day. So....yeah.

Take care people!
Feeling: crappycrappy
Hearing: Fire and Ice - Pat Benatar

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]
I have a disease.......temporay but stil lol
So..........i have these weird things on my legs. Remember? They start like water blisters and then they brak and like leave ugy nasty marks and shit like that. i went to the doctors and can you believe some said it could be some kind of pemphigus?!?!? I was omg im cursed with the curse of Chris! jajaja im lame i know.............anyways after various studies is not that. I have the childs version of pempigus or something jaja. And i can't shave my legs for 2 weeks.
Now this is horrbel for me since i start school in a week. So im gonna wax them jaja The doctor said not SHAVE them.........Ayways all i know is i can't go to school...the FIRST day of school....MY BIRTHDAY with legs that look like spider anyways. Im now taking pills, bathing myself with some special soap and applying some special body mostiurizer.

Much love to yal!
Feeling: crazycrazy
Hearing: Rain - DeborahHarry

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]

Got Nothing to say...............Got this from

We all have things about our friends that make us slightly envious.
Not in a bad way, but in a "Wow! I wish I had that person's

So tell me what about me makes you envy me (if there is such a thing), then post
this in your LJ and see what makes me envious of you.


PS: I cant get enough of BYE BYE BIRDIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...................Its all i have been thinking, singing....talking this week!!!

Feeling: contentcontent
Hearing: Kids........jaja

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]
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 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]

I have nothing to watchig old tapes and recordings along with my cousin. There are so old we are like 8 and 9 year olds in them jaja.

Pics of me with my new hair! *rawr* jajaja it sucksCollapse )

Feeling: crappycrappy
Hearing: nothingness

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]
Umm Marianna is back! Woot!
She was at New Orleans and broght me like a bunch of peace Mardigras like necklaces and some feather boas.................she is crazy jaja.

Ooh i forgot to tell you guys I GOT A HAIRCUT! jaja
I now have bangs and lots of layers! :P

Um...yeah thats all for now.
Feeling: crazycrazy
Hearing: Behind these hazel eyes - kelly clarckson

 "Plastic Letters" [userpic]

Fill this Or I'll Put some Britney on your Radio!!! Muahahahahaha!!! :PCollapse )

Feeling: predatory
Hearing: rtret

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