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k its been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time since I've updated lol. Anywho....Summer is now all gone....and i started college. I love it!! It rocks!! and having no classes on Fridays is the best. anywho, im now waitting for my second year to see if i can do the intership to NYC or California...don't know which yet. Ummmmmmm its been 6 months with my boyfriend already...Im still in shock i thought it wasn't gonna last a second but that just shows you how optimistic i am lol.

Anywho...prom pics!! 

Current Location: My house
Hearing: physchobitch - horrorpops


Aww you look so pretty twin!! You're def the better looking twin =P

I would say you should comeo to NYC but I'm thinking of going to Boston University or Smith College, I have to go away just to experience it

Your sooooooo prettty dont be silly.
And yeah, i know hat you mean of going out of where you are and wanting to Still on phsycology?

Awww, you are so pretty!! I can't wait for my prom... :D