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My Gosh! Society today is so  messed up.  You can see it when you see these young celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Briteney Spears, Nicole Richie, getting DUIs every second and hitting rehab as such an early age.  Is pretty sad really, cause young people today follow those steps.  'Most of them don't have a mind of their own to see how wrong it is.  I can see this kind of behavior on my closest friends, and its a shame cause we are the messed up future.

OMG HOw LOnG HAS IT bEEN!!!! you guys must have think that i was dead or something jajajja.
Anywho....Im gonna be using livejournal again....I miss it. It is a grat way to like express all the shitty shit thingys from my life jajaja. WOW That is so not a Cover story...
Anywho i hope you are all doing well and.....yeah nothing new with my life really. I have reddish hair now WOHOO!! I finally did it.

Thats it for now.....will be posting later more random stuff.


Much Love!!

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k its been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time since I've updated lol. Anywho....Summer is now all gone....and i started college. I love it!! It rocks!! and having no classes on Fridays is the best. anywho, im now waitting for my second year to see if i can do the intership to NYC or California...don't know which yet. Ummmmmmm its been 6 months with my boyfriend already...Im still in shock i thought it wasn't gonna last a second but that just shows you how optimistic i am lol.

Anywho...prom pics!! 

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SO i won a medal for being a Honor student all year and a medal for being the highest English AP grade in my class....School is over, graduation day is the 26th of May and prom June 8. I really have cried, not lying, every single day of this week. I love this people. It is such a bittersweet moment but i am so attached.
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New obsession!!

Ok so i have like a new obsession. ABBA! LOL

Im in shock but i loveeeeeeee them. My fave member is definetly Frida...she is HILARIOUS, GORGEOUS and oh so TALENTED. life is so complete i know! jajaja



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Today i recieved a letter saying that i got accepted to "Sagrado Corazon" thats the college i wanted to go too from Puerto totally happy i got early admission!! :):) Plus, if i go there i actually do have a chance of going to NYC in like a year.
I also have an interview on Dec. with a Miami art school.........don't know if i wanna go
Oh life is boring as hell.
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I got my grades!! ^_^

Okay, I got my grades today for this trimester and im happy!!

Religion : 98

Spanish : 90

EnglishAP: 97

Adv.Algebra: 98

Adv.Anatomy: 88

P.R History : 90


Music: 100

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What up dog?!?!? lol

So...hey everybody! Hope your all doing good!! If not well..i said i hope! lol was the ring ceremony and ring dance. If you don't know what it is well. its like a ceremony for seniors where they give you your class ring adn stuff and then after the ceremony you got to the party. Awohoo!! lol Anywho so yeah........I had a freacking great time.

In other news...i would Loveeeeeeeeeeee to know why is it that all my best friends always hae problems between each other!! Ughhhhhhh it makes me be in the middle and it sucks cause i love them all and the easiest thing for me would be to be with them at the same yeah.

I'll post pics tomorrow!
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